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Merry Christmas, Chanyut!

Best Wishes to Chanyut Chokjanphen for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us!
We hope you are well and return to us soon.


Annual 3-day Phi Ta Khon Festival in the town of Dan Sai in Loei Province in northeastern Thailand 


This website is posted in the hope that it will lead to the recovery a missing loved one.


All police services and private individuals with any knowledge of Oliver Albert Chanyut Chokjanphen, age 21(born 1989), are urged to contact his family at once as indicated: Tel.: 66 - 08 9 501 4780; 66 - 08 1 052 0698


Please note that Belgian and Thai police services were complicit in the victim’s disappearance and remain wholly uncooperative and unreliable.


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